For Operations, Healthcare Strategy,  Quality Improvement & Patient Safety, Program Impact Analysis, and Practice Solutions..

The Professional Promise


Our Health Mission

  • Magnus Health Inc. professionals are MDs with an MBA and aim at providing outstanding consulting services.
  • We collaborate with our clients for successful outcomes and sustainable results.
  • We endeavor to create a positive healthcare by improving access and quality and reducing overall costs.


Experience and Professionalism

With many years of experience at Magnus Health Inc. our medical professionals with management qualifications, will assess your system and create custom program plans that's right for your organization. We understand the importance of time and cost and work within the boundaries of standard best practices  to provide sustainable solutions. 


Professionals Who Care

At Magnus Health Inc. we engage with leading healthcare facilities and non profits as a consulting firm to make a positive difference in the healthcare landscape while maximizing quality output, client opportunities for satisfaction and growth.